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Millers Point Asbestos Removal

Looking for local Asbestos Removal professionals in Millers Point, New South Wales? We service the whole of the City of Sydney. See the full list of suburbs below.


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Welcome to Sydney Asbestos Removals, the leading authority in safe and efficient asbestos management solutions. With years of specialized experience, our team of certified professionals is dedicated to providing top-tier asbestos removal services that ensure the health and safety of our clients. We understand the risks associated with asbestos exposure and are equipped with the latest technology and industry best practices to effectively handle all aspects of asbestos removal, from initial inspection to final disposal. Our commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail guarantees that your property is free from the dangers of asbestos, allowing you peace of mind in your living or working environment.

Millers Point, with its rich history and heritage-listed buildings, presents unique challenges when it comes to asbestos removal. The area’s vintage architecture often harbors hidden asbestos materials that require a knowledgeable and sensitive approach to mitigate without compromising the structural integrity or historical value of the properties. Sydney Asbestos Removals prides itself on its local expertise and understanding of Millers Point’s specific needs. We are fully versed in the local regulations and guidelines to ensure that every project we undertake is not only safe but also in strict compliance with the highest standards set by regulatory bodies. Our unwavering commitment to the community’s safety and our rigorous adherence to safety protocols make us the trusted choice for asbestos removal in the Millers Point area.


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Millers Point Asbestos Disposal Contractors

We are a professional team of licensed demolition contractors, that specialise in asbestos removal in the Millers Point area. We provide abatement and testing for both residential homes and commercial site clean up in Millers Point NSW.

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We identify and remove dangerous asbestos in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

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Millers Point Profile

Millers Point, a historic suburb in Sydney, Australia, has a rich architectural heritage that includes a variety of residential, commercial, and public buildings. Many of these structures date back to the 19th and early 20th centuries, a time when asbestos was commonly used in construction due to its durability and fire-resistant properties. Key buildings and infrastructure within Millers Point, such as the iconic terraced houses, the Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel, and the Sydney Observatory, may have incorporated asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in roofing, insulation, and other building components. The use of asbestos in these areas continued until the late 1980s, when its health risks became widely acknowledged and its use was phased out. The homes in Millers Point are predominantly Victorian-style terraces, workers’ cottages, and heritage-listed buildings, reflecting the suburb’s historical significance and the architectural styles of the periods in which they were built.

Today, the legacy of asbestos presents ongoing challenges and health concerns in Millers Point. Asbestos-containing materials, when disturbed or deteriorating, can release fibers that pose serious health risks, including asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma. In response, local authorities and heritage conservation bodies have implemented stringent measures to manage and remediate asbestos in prominent locations. For example, in schools and government buildings, asbestos audits, regular inspections, and risk assessments are conducted to ensure the safety of occupants. When asbestos is identified, it is either safely contained or removed by licensed professionals following strict guidelines to prevent exposure. Public safety measures, such as community education campaigns and disposal protocols, have been established to raise awareness and guide residents on how to handle asbestos safely. Health reports and incidents of asbestos exposure are taken seriously, with investigations and responses coordinated by health and environmental agencies to mitigate the risks associated with this hazardous material in Millers Point’s most recognizable landmarks and areas.


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