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Double Bay Asbestos Removal

Looking for local Asbestos Removal professionals in Double Bay, New South Wales? We service the whole of the Woollahra. See the full list of suburbs below.


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Welcome to Sydney Asbestos Removals, the leading authority in comprehensive asbestos management in the Double Bay area. With years of industry experience and a team of highly trained professionals, we specialize in safe, efficient, and regulatory-compliant asbestos removal services. Our commitment to safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our clients and their families is at the forefront of our operations, ensuring we deliver a service that is not only effective but also prioritizes safety.

Double Bay presents unique challenges when it comes to asbestos removal, due to its rich architectural history and the prevalence of older buildings. Asbestos, once a popular building material, poses significant health risks if disturbed or improperly handled. Our local insights and understanding of the Double Bay area enable us to approach each project with the utmost care and precision. We strictly adhere to all local and national regulations, ensuring the safe and responsible disposal of asbestos materials. Trust Sydney Asbestos Removals to protect your home or business, and provide peace of mind.


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Double Bay Asbestos Disposal Contractors

We are a professional team of licensed demolition contractors, that specialise in asbestos removal in the Double Bay area. We provide abatement and testing for both residential homes and commercial site clean up in Double Bay NSW.

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Asbestos Services

We identify and remove dangerous asbestos in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

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Double Bay Profile

Double Bay, a harbourside suburb in Sydney, Australia, is known for its upscale boutiques, restaurants, and residential properties. However, like many older suburbs, it has a history of asbestos use in its buildings and infrastructure. Asbestos, a naturally occurring mineral, was widely used in Australian construction between the 1940s and late 1980s due to its heat resistance, strength, and insulating properties. Notable structures in Double Bay, such as the historic InterContinental Hotel, older government buildings, and even the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is visible from the suburb, have all been known to contain asbestos. The residential properties in Double Bay, many of which are a mix of Victorian, Federation, and Interwar style homes, also commonly used asbestos in their construction, particularly in roofing, insulation, and wall cladding.

Today, asbestos-related issues pose significant health risks in Double Bay. When disturbed, asbestos fibres can become airborne and, if inhaled, can cause diseases such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis. This is particularly concerning in places like Double Bay Public School and other older buildings where renovations or damage may disturb hidden asbestos. Local authorities, however, have been proactive in managing these risks. The Woollahra Municipal Council, which oversees Double Bay, has implemented strict regulations for asbestos removal and disposal. This includes mandatory asbestos surveys before any demolition or renovation work and the use of licensed asbestos removalists. Furthermore, the Council provides extensive information and resources on asbestos safety for residents. Despite these measures, there have been reported incidents of asbestos exposure in Double Bay, such as the discovery of asbestos during the renovation of the InterContinental Hotel in 2014, highlighting the ongoing challenges of managing this hazardous material.


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