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Wentworth Point Asbestos Removal

Looking for local Asbestos Removal professionals in Wentworth Point, New South Wales? We service the whole of the Parramatta. See the full list of suburbs below.


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Welcome to Sydney Asbestos Removals, your trusted partner in ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your home or business. With years of specialized experience in asbestos management, our team of certified professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch asbestos removal services across Sydney, including the unique needs of the Wentworth Point area. We understand the critical importance of identifying and safely removing asbestos-containing materials, and we are committed to utilizing the latest techniques and equipment to protect your property and wellbeing. Our expertise extends to a comprehensive range of services, from thorough inspections and risk assessments to complete removal and responsible disposal, ensuring peace of mind for our clients.

The picturesque Wentworth Point presents a blend of modern living and historical structures, many of which predate the stringent asbestos regulations of today. This juxtaposition poses unique challenges when it comes to asbestos removal, making it essential to work with a service provider that has a deep understanding of the local landscape. Sydney Asbestos Removals is intimately familiar with Wentworth Point’s specific requirements and has a proven track record of navigating its complexities with precision and care. We prioritize safety, adhere strictly to all regulatory compliance measures, and are committed to delivering services that not only meet but exceed local standards. Trust us to handle the delicate task of asbestos removal, ensuring your Wentworth Point property is free from the dangers of asbestos exposure.


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Wentworth Point Asbestos Disposal Contractors

We are a professional team of licensed demolition contractors, that specialise in asbestos removal in the Wentworth Point area. We provide abatement and testing for both residential homes and commercial site clean up in Wentworth Point NSW.

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Asbestos Services

We identify and remove dangerous asbestos in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

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Wentworth Point Profile

The history of asbestos usage in Wentworth Point, a suburb that has undergone significant redevelopment, reflects a broader historical trend where asbestos was once a common building material. Asbestos was extensively used in the construction of residential and commercial buildings for its insulation properties and resistance to fire until the late 1980s when its use was phased out due to health concerns. In Wentworth Point, older structures, particularly those built before the 1990s, may have incorporated asbestos in roofing, insulation, wall sheeting, and flooring. The style of homes in Wentworth Point has evolved over time, from older, more traditional houses that may contain asbestos materials to modern apartments and townhouses in the redeveloped areas that adhere to contemporary building standards which exclude the use of asbestos.

Currently, Wentworth Point faces challenges related to the legacy of asbestos in its built environment. The health implications of asbestos, which can cause serious diseases such as mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer, are a significant concern for residents and authorities alike. In response, local authorities have implemented rigorous procedures for the management and removal of asbestos, particularly in sensitive areas such as schools and government buildings. These measures include conducting thorough inspections, engaging licensed asbestos removalists, and ensuring proper disposal of the hazardous material. Public safety measures also involve community education initiatives to raise awareness about the risks of asbestos exposure. Significant health reports have highlighted the necessity for ongoing vigilance, and there have been concerted efforts to monitor air quality and manage asbestos-containing materials during demolition and construction projects to prevent any incidents of asbestos exposure in these well-known areas of Wentworth Point.


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